Tree Preservation Orders (TPO)

Tree Preservations Orders (TPO) are issued by local planning authorities to protect individual trees. The order makes it an offence to cut down, uproot, prune, lop or damage the tree in question without first obtaining the Council’s consent. To gain permission an application must be submitted to your local planning authority where you can expect a response within approximately 8 weeks

Conservation Areas

Conservation areas are areas of land which have been awarded a protected status to ensure their features and heritage are preserved. To carry out any proposed works within a conservation area you must firstly inform your local council. A council representative will then inspect the tree and respond within 6-8 weeks to either give permission for the work to be completed or inform that a TPO has been placed on the tree.

It is extremely important to check with your local council whether or not your tree has a TPO or is within a conservation area before contracting any work as there can be huge fines involved. Chartfords Trees on acceptance of any quotation will do this for you. In the case that a tree has a TPO in place no work can commence until permission has been granted by the council.

Company Employees carry copies of some local application forms for use if you want to complete this yourself. If however, you would prefer for us to carry out this service this can be arranged at a charge of £25.