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Welcome to Chartfords Trees, we specialise in supplying firewood and environmentally sustainable logs at extremely competitive prices and have a reputation for being the premier provider of logs for sale Oxted has to offer.

Burning seasoned logs in an open fire is a very economical way to heat your home, especially when you burn high-quality logs from Chartfords Trees. The dry firewood which we supply to our customers has a low moisture content and is environmentally friendly, whilst being a fully sustainable carbon neutral fuel.

Excellent Quality Firewood

We typically have plenty of good quality seasoned firewood logs in stock. This is all hardwood (oak, ash, beech and cherry) which has been split and stored for a year.

We have been a wood fuel supplier for many years and are ideally placed to ensure that supply meets demand in the Surrey area for this increasingly popular solid fuel source.

Ideal For Many Uses

Because our logs are hardwood, it is ideal for a variety of different uses including wood burners, stoves and most importantly open fires. Unlike Logs For Sale Oxtedsoftwood it does not spit whilst burning ensuring that the safety associated with using it is greatly enhanced.

To ensure that our customers get the most out of their logs, it is crucial that they are well seasoned. Without this, the logs will not produce as much heat due to the fact that much of the energy created in the burning process will be consumed evaporating any water in the wood. Therefore badly seasoned wood makes poor firewood.

We carefully source, produce, and deliver our quality firewood logs and kindling, suitable for uses in woodstoves, boilers, open fires and barbeques. We offer both loose and netted firewood in a variety of volumes, conveniently delivered straight to your home! We can also supply bespoke firewood, e.g. single species, decorative and non-standard sized firewood.

Exceptional Customer Service

We pride ourselves on providing an excellent service from start to finish, which starts with a free no obligation quotation.

We are committed to working to high environmental standards and are happy to provide you with our expert advice.

Regardless of the size of the job we want to hear from you especially if you require a friendly, professional service where you want the best advice for the tree and you.

We pride ourselves on being a responsible seller and we take environmental issues very seriously. Our logs are sourced from sustainable, well managed British woodland. Unlike gas prices our prices are fixed throughout the season.

Further Information

If you would like any further information regarding the logs for sale Oxted services available from Chartfords Trees please give us a call on Tel. No. 01883 460 160 and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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